NeemAzal-T/S advantages over Neem Oil

NeemAzal Properties and Advantages
  • A broad spectrum botanical Insecticide derived from the Neem tree seed kernel.
  • Control of thrips, white fly, aphid (also Nasinovia ribis nigri), caterpillar, scale insects, mealy bug.
  • The azadirachtin compound in NeemAzal-T/S is produced by an exclusive, patented, watery extraction process resulting in purified active ingredient.
  • NeemAzal-T/S can replace or enhance traditional chemical treatments and is beneficial to both organic as well as conventional agriculture.
  • The product prevents insecticide resistance due to its numerous (>60) active ingredients.
  • The product is free of aflatoxin and solvent residue.
  • It does not harm beneficial insects & predators.
  • No evidence of acute toxicity or reproductive effects obtained in valid studies.
  • No residues of azadirachtin detected in NZ trials three days after application.

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Neem Oil Product Disadvantages

Most Neem oil products bypass legislation by describing the products as ‘for home/garden’.  As such, they do not have to come up with hard data.

Many producers, when asked for ‘hard data’ hide behind claims of commercial sensitivity. The main commercial advantage of such producers/suppliers is to be cheap and not to be contested in comparative trials.

NeemAzal-T/S, not being a Neem oil but an advanced formulation with pure active ingredient complex is often wrongly thrown into the Neem oil category due to lack of consumer understanding.

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NeemAzal - T/SNeem Oil (Various Brands)
Premium botanical insecticideBasic oil with little insecticidal qualities
2nd generation formulationBeginners' standard
High efficacyLow efficacy
Proven control of problem insectsMasking tape with low repellent effect
High active ingredient contentLow active ingredient content
10,000 ppm Azadirachtin ANo exact data
40,000 ppm Azadirachtins in the complex form of NeemAzal TechnicalNo exact data
Premium quality of original neem plantNo exact data
Guarantee of below threshold AflatoxinNo data
Active ingredients extracted by watery distillationExtraction via addition of toxic solvents
No toxic residuesToxic solvent residues
No negative effects on beneficial insectsLikely toxic side effects on beneficial
ACVM registeredMostly labelled for home garden market
BioGro NZ certifiedAvoiding scrutiny of certification
Zero use of non-renewable products in formulaNo data
Zero carbon footprintNo data
High value for moneyLow value for low cost